Breaking down “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer

Do you want to know more about comic book movies and how they connect to their original counterparts, but don’t want to be yelled at by pretentious nerd boys? Have no fear and read this. I’m just your fellow neighborhood nerdy blogger who wants to be as up to date on his interests as much as you. Let me break down what happens in the trailer for you.


  • Thor is captured
  • Hela is our confirmed new villain
  • She catches Mjolnir and destroys it
  • Hela also destroys all Asgard
  • We see how Thor is captured (maybe) a second time
  • Forced to participate in the Grandmaster’s games (also HAIRCUT)
  • Thor gets excited about having to fight the Hulk
  • Loki maybe working with the Grandmaster, who knows what that trickster is up to
  • Heimdall and other warriors are separated and on their own


I want this poster. It’s colors are gorgeous. Give it to me.

Thor drops down all chained up in a dark, fiery and lava filled cavern. There are faces on the pillars that light up and look particularly frightening. Thor, in a voice over, begins to tell us the tale of how all this happened. He could be in Hel, the Norse version of Hell. While it looks like an eternal place of punishment, it’s simply the final resting place for those in the Nine Realms.

Hela, played by Cate Blanchett, is one of the main antagonists of this film. In the comics, Hela is the Norse God of Death, and ruler of Hel and the planet Nilfeim. In the trailer, she not only holds Mjolnir but stops it. Whoever holds that hammer is worthy to enough to wield it… and then Hela crushes what many have believed to be an indestructible hammer. Hela really means business when directly after this she effortlessly destroys all Asgard, making some (including myself) wonder how she did this.

Sick concept art depicting Loki and Thor versus Hela with her spider-like horned helm. Found on GeekTyrant.

Sometime afterwards, Thor is falling to some distant planet, and the natives aren’t friendly. He is captured with a net gun by a team that appears to be led by Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), who is one of Asgard’s top warriors. She seems to have found a new way to survive with an alien team of hunter gatherers for, who else could it be? None other than Jeff Goldblum, who is playing The Grandmaster. In the comics, he’s known for his love for games and he once had the mind gem, which was stolen from him by Thanos, the overarching villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hulk’s iconic armor from Planet Hulk. What a badass.

Anyhow, Thor is captured, his hair gets mostly cut to a buzz (gasp), and it looks like he’s forced to participate in whatever the Grandmaster has planned for games… including battling the Hulk. We haven’t seen Hulk since Age of Ultron, and have NO idea how he got here. I hope they’re getting close to something like the Planet Hulk arc from the comics, considering he’s wearing his PLANET HULK ARMOR. Basically, the Planet Hulk arc boils down to: Hulk crash lands on a planet, becomes a gladiator, takes down its ruler and becomes king.

What’s hysterically jarring is Thor’s enthusiasm for seeing Hulk again and his line “he’s a friend from work”. This is reminiscent to Lord of the Rings’ inaccurate but incredible line of “Meat’s back on the menu, boys”. This adds what some might see as a light-hearted tone to the trailer that is either much needed, or unwanted. Some might see this as a character shift with how serious Thor can be, but honestly, it’s a much-needed shift for many reasons: there’s so much darkness in this trailer. Asgard and Mjolnir have both been destroyed, and Thor has literally fallen into figurative Hell, and it looks like he’s completely on his own. In my opinion, this movie needs something to make it light. It’s a movie titled after the classic Norse apocalypse, for crying out loud.

Also, it’s not really that out of character. After all the crazy BS Thor has been through, and he sees a familiar face and as a warrior knows that he’s got an insane fight coming up? Of course he’d be excited.


This movie looks like the most interesting Thor movie to date. I’m so glad that our godlike figure doesn’t have his mighty hammer and is largely on his own. It looks promising in that it has good action, great laughs, and with an arcade-like visual aesthetic akin to Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, I’m so glad Thor has finally gone truly cosmic! Instead of being bound to protecting Earth or fighting off Loki for many of Thor’s sequences, now we finally get to see a new flavor of the universe. HYPE.

I’m all about superhero movies, but I’m getting tired of just being on Earth when there’s a whole galaxy to be explored. Why is Earth the most important planet? Disregarding that the way the trailer is designed to totally hook into the Guardians of the Galaxy audience, apparently, all distant space’s ambiance is classic rock/retro Earth tunes. Even though most characters we come across are aliens. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Guardians soundtrack…just seems Earthly ethnocentric. Just seems backwards.

Plus, I’m a target audience. I’m going to watch this, but I might pay money this time.

Hype meter: 8/10


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