Me, summer 2016 in a comics store in Greensboro, NC. I like this photo because I look like I know what I’m doing.

My name is Alec Simkiss. I’m an avid gamer, movie buff, and constant music listener. I also love to write,  I’m currently enrolled at Western Carolina University with a Communications major and a focus in Journalism with a Film Studies minor and a Philosophy minor. I’m also an Arts & Entertainment editor for the Western Carolina Journalist on campus. I will likely post my opinions on upcoming and new games, music and movies but I will mainly post reviews and analyses of games.

I will (try) to post content every week on Tuesdays and make more personal posts on Fridays, with content posting sporadically in between! If you want me to review something in particular, refer to my Review Policy and send me an email. I love to be on the lookout for cool new things or even recommendations for something that might be up my alley I’ve never heard of.

Genres I tend to enjoy: indie, horror, rogue-like, thriller, suspense, noir, ambience, prog rock, occasional metal, and rap/hip-hop. Try me for anything else, I’ll give it a shot.


Other Places You Can Reach Me
Facebook: Alec Simkiss
Twitter: @pinklemonarcade
Instagram: @pink_lem0n