Rating Policy

Rating Policy:

I scale things 1 – 10 for everything and tend to round up or down depending in 1-5 on Goodreads. This is my preferred scale. I will give out decimals next to numbers as well.

1 – Absolute putrid garbage. I hated this. With a passion. I will rarely hand this out. It’s rare I’ll play enough of something to get to this point.

2 – Broken. Basically unplayable/unwatchable/unreadable. The execution of this is so bad that the value you’d get from it is extremely small.

3 – Pretty painful. If there is ANYTHING redeeming in this, it’ll cause so much agony you might not even see it. And that’s sad. Most things under here I won’t actually finish.

4 – Simply bad. Some things work, and a majority doesn’t or is so dull that this title falls short. I will still likely look at things at this level to destroy it completely, but this is pushing it.

5 – Flawed. Mediocre. This has a lot of potential, but doesn’t hit the mark. Its most engaging features likely have obvious issues or aren’t properly integrated or fully fleshed out.

6 – Limited appeal. Might not be my particular cup of tea, but still worth looking at (for some). Might leave you feeling wanting more, but not quite getting it. In my opinion it’s more likely to be something to buy, borrow, or rent at this score.

7 – Average, at best. Decent. It works, and is generally considered good, but not really all that in terms of what’s been done before. It’s execution may be good, but not great.

8 – Very good, great. Innovative, absolutely worth looking into but maybe not right for everyone. There is something very arguable to be had in the case for this, and rightfully so. I would buy and recommend this to most people.

9 – Superb. Amazing. Just shy of perfection. I probably can’t shut up about this to people and I’m probably consistently writing articles about it, and for good reason. Destined to be a classic.

10 – Masterpiece. RARELY GIVEN OUT, but can happen. An absolute gem. Elite. Cannot be missed. The closest thing to perfect you can get.