Review Policy


Review Policy:

I have the right to review any game, album, movie, anything that I like or happen to not, and I can choose not to accept reviews for things that don’t sound good to me or that I don’t have time for. Reviews will always be shared on my Facebook page, and Twitter. If it’s a book or a graphic novel, I’ll post it on Goodreads. Reviews will also be shared on the respective websites of where I’ve bought the material from.


If you’re recommending me something, know I do have preferences. I like difficult games that really challenge you (aka permadeath roguelikes) and my favorite genre is survival horror. I don’t mind an easy game, or an easy listen. I am open to any genre, but I’m also not going to go out of my way to listen to some. I will always listen to a concept album. I tend to go for darker and more personal stories, that being said, but don’t mind music that’s just fun and light. If you really want me to keep an eye out on something, I’d be more than willing to. Just know that I’m also a largely broke college student who is trying to make ends meet. I’m not looking for handouts, but if you really want my opinion on something I haven’t gotten to yet, I might need a steam key/giftcard.

Please contact me at with a summary, art cover, and any other information you’d like me to know about the what you’d like me to review.

If I don’t want to review it, I will email you back saying it’s not for me. Pure and simple.

Disclosure Policy:

I mostly review content of my own choosing, and will tend to post more about things in my current catalog as well as new material that catches my eye.