Abzu: Explore & restore forgotten waters

Abzu drops you in without explanation as a mysterious diver and offers the unknown of the bottom of the ocean as means for meditation. You enter the game with ease, exploring through algae covered water and various ruins eventually to discover the mystical rebirth of the ocean before you and all its creatures. … More Abzu: Explore & restore forgotten waters


Gorillaz “Humanz” review: a concept of a concept album

The ideas within the record aren’t fully realized: there isn’t enough to go off of to understand what’s happening in the songs or how it connects to the Gorillaz themselves. It is a concept of a concept album, a couple of crumbs left on the floor of a cake that’s already been cleaned up. “Humanz” has its moment(z), but it’s honestly a mess. … More Gorillaz “Humanz” review: a concept of a concept album

Breaking down “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer

Do you want to know more about comic book movies and how they connect to their original counterparts, but don’t want to be yelled at by pretentious nerd boys? Have no fear and read this. I’m just your fellow neighborhood nerdy blogger who wants to be as up to date on his interests as much as you. Let me break down what happens in the trailer for you. … More Breaking down “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer

It: Trailer Review

IT. If you don’t know, the story is about the adventures of seven children as they’re terrorized by a nameless, shapeless evil that dwells in the sewers of a small town. The book terrorized many and was made into a miniseries that left scars on many viewers that have lasted a lifetime. This trailer is the … More It: Trailer Review